Site – Specific Rehearsal

PS LogoThanks to Dawn Kaczmar for taking these photographs of our recent site – specific rehearsal at West Park. Additional photographs are viewable here.

Tickets are now available for Elektra, opening on July 10!


Director Russ Schwartz, at right, speaks with cast members gathered in our performance space. We will be using this area for the performance (for the first time!) rather than the band shell stage.


Clytemnestra (DeAnnah Kleitz-Singleton) speaks with Elektra (Emily Caffery)


Orestes (Scott Wilding) expresses his wishes while Pylades (Sarah Lovy) looks on.


Clytemnestra (Sonja Marquis) enters from the house as a chorus member (Kez Settle) reacts.


Elektra (Emily Caffery) has a pensive moment.